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Music Catalog Services

Providing individualized attention to your music publishing catalog. I will research and compile your catalog into an easy to understand format to determine the steps needed to insure you are receiving all the royalties owed to you, this will include taking a look at your distribution channels. If needed, I will provide metadata for your music files. I will get you up and running, and pointed in the right direction. 


Editorial Services

Freelance editorial, proofing, and content creation for music, film/TV/video, Internet, and print. I'll make sure your message is consistent across all platforms. This includes creation and management of CMS websites such as HostBaby, WebFlow, BandZoogle, GoDaddy, press releases, interviews, newsletters, social media, and promotional materials of all kinds. Creation of style guidelines, directories/databases, fact checking, and even script services.



Through Entertainment Editorial I help other artists and writers manage their works, projects, and releases. I understand the pressures of wearing every hat for your career, so if you need help or guidance, drop me a line. My rates are extremely reasonable and there is never a charge for a consultation. And, if I can't help you I will direct you to someone who can. I will never tell you I can do something that I can not. That is my promise. 


Debbie Hennessey

I am an award-winning singer and songwriter with multiple commercial releases and as such, have experience in singing, songwriting, recording, production, music royalty administration, contracts, copyrights, publishing/placement agreements, music libraries, metadata, song descriptions, radio/video campaigns, promotion, and distribution. I have created promotional materials of all types including press releases, ads, online content including CMS websites, CD/DVD packaging, and music video production. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with writers, photographers, graphic artists, marketing/sales, circulation, and IT teams, musicians, stylists, actors, and other artists. I also have experience with subtitles and voice over. I am a voting member of the NARAS/GRAMMYS, a writer/publisher member of ASCAP, as well as a member of AIMP, NARIP, and SONA

I have extensive experience in editing, proofing, content creation and management for music, film/TV/video, Internet, and print. I have more than 20 years of experience working as an editor for various industries, 15 of those for business-to-business directory and magazine publishers, including a stint as the Managing Editor of LA 411 and NY 411 for the renowned entertainment magazine Variety. I have created 6 new publications, and multiple databases, and I am experienced in creating and maintaining style guides, proofreading, researching, fact-checking, development of story ideas, writing captions, short articles, interviews, and press releases. 

If you'd like to know more about my music visit www.debbiehennessey.com


Clients & Works

Partial list of work

The Blue Mountain Review - I was recently asked to create the introduction for the Spring 2018 edition of this beautiful magazine on poetry, writing, art, and music. See pages 5 & 6. 

Dante's Old South Radio Show - Starting February 2019 I will be writing a music blog for the Facebook page of this popular NPR radio show, which airs on WUTC Chattanooga.  Click here for a post on the great Bobby Gentry.

SONA - Songwriter of North America - I am a member of their Steering Committee and have worked on logos, t-shirts, advertising, and created educational materials for songwriters on how music publishing works.  In 2019 I will be redesigning their website.

Amiena - Singer/Songwriter/Artist - I work with Amiena on her song catalog including registration, royalty administration, metadata, licensing, PRO issues, and more. 

“Debbie is like my magic wand of musical organization, spreadsheets, dealing with CD Baby, BMI, SoundExchange, and every other publishing administrative challenge I ignore. Despite having other clients, she always finds time to handle whatever last-minute metadata request I throw at her.  Seriously, if I could just shrink her down to fit in my handbag so she could travel around with me on musical adventures, I would!” - Amiena

Lexie Hofer - Singer/Songwriter/Artist/Actor - I have worked with Lexie on film sync/master licensing, PRO issues, and distribution.

 "I had just started working with Debbie on a music project and realized how much she knew about the business side. So, when I needed help deciphering a contract for a song placement in a movie I didn’t hesitate to contact her. She sat down with me, explained what each section meant, and helped me negotiate for the best deal. I highly recommend Debbie as she is very intelligent, strategic, and helpful! I will definitely utilize her expertise in the future.”  - Lexie Hofer

Robin Sandoval, urban girl music - Songwriter/Musician/Singer - I work with Robin on film/TV licensing, metadata, and general music business practices.

"Not only is Debbie a great singer/songwriter but she helped me understand the world of meta-data and its importance in the world of music supervisors. She simply understands the technicalities of this music business. Where I was having difficulty understanding publishing splits and digital/online streaming, she helped clear it up. After working with Debbie and her listening to some of my catalog, she was able to assist in getting one of my songs placed in a film! I absolutely recommend her if you could use a friend and mentor to help guide you through the maze of your music career!" - Robin Sandoval

KLJD Consulting - Works with both for-profit and non-profit news media, information, and civic organizations to help them expand their businesses and strengthen their bottom line. - Primarily, I research, assess,  and compile information regarding worldwide philanthropic organizations of all kinds for use by clients. KLJD is owned by a former Variety colleague and I am thrilled to be working with him again on an ongoing basis. 

Allyson Paige - Singer/Songwriter/Artist/Teacher - I worked on artwork/layout and distribution for her latest EP Little Girl Lost. I also created her website. I continue to work with Allyson as needed. 

Kevin Chown - Bassist/Songwriter/Artist - I work with Kevin on catalog & royalty administration, social media, distribution, upcoming releases, and recently built and maintain his new website. Some of Kevin's credits include: Chad Smith’s Bombastic MeatBats, Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Tarja, Cosmosquad, Chuck Berry, Tony MacAlpine, and more.

Shane Gaalaas - Drummer/Songwriter/Artist - I am currently working with Shane on his publishing catalog, distribution, and royalty administration. Some of Shane's credits include: Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Schenker,  Vinnie Moore, Glenn Hughes, Japanese supergroup B’z, Cosmosquad and more.

PJ Zitarosa - Guitarist/Songwriter/Performer/Teacher - I helped PJ with a re-release of his Speed Of Evil CD including artwork/layout, changing distributors, and reclaiming his publishing. I also created his website, which he now maintains. 

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